Welcome to my blog | Sarang Khokhar – Sarang Khokhar

Welcome to my blog | Sarang Khokhar

Hello Friends. I am Sarang khokhar a 18 yo guy, a passionate blogger, Numismatist and a very curious person. I had tried blogging about several topics earlier in my other blogs. But i wanted a common place where i can share and talk about my experiences, views and thoughts. So that i can interact with you guys more efficiently and fast. The main focus of this blog is going to be Political and social issues. But i promise you guys, to keep it improving with time, by adding more sections and by posting youtube videos for more interactive sessions.

Who is Sarang Khokhar

I am a student of humanities, currently studying at Govt Mohindra College, Patiala. I have done my 12th with arts stream. I am currently studying History , Pol Sci. and Sociology in my bachelor’s degree. I like web designing, App development and technology in general. I am founder of Visesa Media and VSS Marketing company (Check them out on google) . Due to this huge gap of field diversification between my studies and hobby , I have developed an intrest in studying and researching about political and social scenarios of India. 


Sarang Khokhar

Sarang Khokhar


Why Sarang khokhar’s blog matter ?

In todays’s progressive times blogging, social media and media in general is playing a crucial role in shaping the mindset of our country. India is a country of youths, we have majority of our population in working age group. Unlike any other country, we have a very unique and progressive population. But to make this population productive we need a driving force or a proper knowledge and guidance about our political and social structure, not just our but comparitive study of history and politics is necessary to understand social problems and to solve them.

But we have media , many newspapers, many channels and many sources to tell us about our country, Right ? Yes, of course we do have media. But media is not working as it is supposed to be, Media is supposed to provide right neutral and raw information about any political social or general activity. But every type of media available today is tilted towards certain political views or political party.

Sometimes the same news covered on different news channels is shown differently to shape the minds of viewers in certain way. I have many examples of this, but i donot want to share them in this article. So, the question is Why Sarang Khokhar’s blog matter ? Not just my blog, but blogging in general is a great way to connect to people, to get our words out in public. I think everybody should create a blog, It can even be a free blogger blog to start with, point is people should have proper resources and knowledge about social media and blogging, so that different views can be exchanged and best ones can be kept and applied for the betterment of system.


Thats all for this articles guys, Please comment your opinions in comments section below. I will reply to each and every comment. Thanks for reading. Peace.




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