What is wannacry Ransomware ? How to protect your files from ransomware ? – Sarang Khokhar

What is wannacry Ransomware ? How to protect your files from ransomware ?

Introduction: What is wannacry Ransomware?

How to protect your files from ransomware?

Hello, friends, I am Sarang Khokhar from sarangkhokhar.com.  Today in this article, I am going to tell you “What is wannacry Ransomware? How to protect your files from ransomware ? “. First of all, We need to understand what is a Ransomware. Ransomware is a malicious computer virus that infects your computer and prompts to pay the developers money to not delete your files. It is as dangerous as it sounds. So, wannacry is the latest ongoing computer ransomware.  It has already affected 2 Lac computers around the globe. what actually happens after you pay them? They have attached a Decrypter along with the infection. They give you a code that turns on the decrypter and saves your files from deletion.



Wannacry ransomware | Sarang khokhar

This is how the interface looks like


Who is behind wannacry Ransomware?

We don’t actually know who exactly is behind this Wannacry ransomware. What we know is that they have developed a very beautiful red interface to warn users and for accepting payments to save the precious files. This ransomware attack is fully automated and this is the largest ever ransomware attack in computer history. It seems that  This ransomware has a very brilliant team of developers behind it.


How wannacry Ransomware spreads?

Wannacry ransomware uses every technique to spread itself. It attaches itself to files you send or upload on the internet. It can affect your USB storage devices. And it can get transmitted through every storage device. Microsoft developers are developing solutions to wannacry ransomware. They advised to update your systems to windows 10. Well played Microsoft. But the people behind Wannacry ransomware are not noobs. They have launched successive versions of wannacry with more undetectability from antiviruses and more resistance to firewalls.


How to protect your files from wannacry ransomware?

If you think your computer is infected with wannacry ransomware . or any other ransomware. You can contact me at admin@sarangkhokhar.com I will fix your system and offer you every solution available. In this blog post I am offering you a free solution, try doing it yourself and contact me if you are unable to do it.

Solution – Here’s Decrypt code for WannaCry ransomware: WNcry@2ol7

This code is working in win 8, please try on your system and let us know in comments down below.

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