To develop smart cities we need smart villages – Sarang Khokhar

To develop smart cities we need smart villages


Government is focusing a lot on the development of smart cities, while 70% of the Indian population still lives in villages. Crowded and congested slums in cities, makes the dream of smart cities very blurry. There is a need for the development of smart villages, Villages which can self sustain without becoming a burden on the cities. Villages should be provided with all the basic facilities needed to make them self sustaining.  Amenities like, Electricity, Internet connectivity, Irrigation and Power should be provided in villages.

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What is the problem

Most of Indian villages lack a basic infrastructure. Even the youth from villages is migrating to cities, instead of developing their villages.  People from working section of population, migrate to cities in search for good education, employment and health care facilities. One of the major problems in today’s cities is massive inflow of people, due to both push and pull factors. This inflow turns cities into large slums. More focus should be shifted toward self sustainability of villages, to make a positive impact on the cities, in the long run.

Majority of the rural population is indulged in Agriculture. Using traditional agriculture methods results in low production and an increased farmer suicide rate. Smart agricultural practices should be taught to poor and illiterate farmers. Cooperative farming should be incorporated in the traditional farming structure. Awareness campaigns should be organized.


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What is govt. doing

Govt. has already started many schemes, Like Pradhan Mantri Awas yojana – Gramin (PMYY_G) (To provide homes to the poor)

Swacch bharat abhiyan (Sanitation of urban and rural areas)

National Rural Health Mission (To provide basic healthcare in rural areas) Etc.

So, it is evident that, Smart cities only make sense if we have smart villages. Smart Villages will act as a food bowl for cities, instead of becoming a burden on them.

Gandhiji has rightly said

­­    “The Soul of India Live In Its Villages”

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