Reasons I’m a Vegetarian (Religion ? Animal cruelity ?) – Sarang Khokhar

Reasons I’m a Vegetarian (Religion ? Animal cruelity ?)


Hello Friends, In this post, I am going to tell you something about food. Food is one of our basic needs, Everyone needs food to survive. the type of food people consume is determined by various factors like cost and availability in that area. In general, there are many different types of products that are edible for human consumption but broadly we classify them as Vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Vegetarians are the primary consumers like herbivores animals and non-vegetarians are secondary consumers who feed on animals and animal products. So, In this post, i will share with you the exact reason why I’m a vegetarian. This article is going to be a longer version of a facebook post that I posted in 2016, I am copying it here for you please read


Reasons I'm a Vegetarian - Sarang khokhar

Reasons I’m a Vegetarian – Sarang khokhar

Why i am vegetarian ?

I am not a vegetarian due to religious preferences, but because of the cruelity done to animals,Someone would argue that the fruits, vegetables we eat also have life, so we should stop eating them too. but my argument is, The animals we humans slaughter are closely related to our species than plants, they have two eyes , heart, kidney, liver all external parts same like us. this induces the negative imapact inside the people who slaughter animals and who watch, the fear of watching blood spilings, the yuuk feelings all vanishes from their hearts, that’s why i prefer eating vegetartian food, we are organisms all organisms need organic food, but now we are civilised humans too, where we have strict laws for murder etc, we should have strict laws against killing of larger animals who look like us too, No hate please, I just shared my views, and sorry if i said anything wrong !!



So, My point of being vegetarian is not related to my religious beliefs. And I can guarantee that 90% of people who consume Meat and readymade non-veg products cannot even see the making of those products. Various animal activist organizations are already there for protecting animals, still, people are not finding alternates and consuming meat on a very large scale.


This was it for this article guys, Thanks a lot for reading, Please like comment and share. Peace.


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