The Future of Bitcoin Lies in GPUs: AMD and Nvdia Gear up for Mining Battle – Sarang Khokhar

The Future of Bitcoin Lies in GPUs: AMD and Nvdia Gear up for Mining Battle

Hi Friends, I am sarang khokhar. I am posting on my blog after a very long time. I was busy sorting my other stuff. Recently ii started learning and investing in cryptocurrency. So Enjoy the post.

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Recently, Bitcoin prices have been spiralling upwards touching new highs. At 2,900$ a bitcoin, not only is the burgeoning economy of the Internet attracting new people, new technologies and hardware has been following suit as well! Following the slump in the valuation of Bitcoin come early 2014, mining for new coins became an exclusive territory for ASIC based Bitcoin miners. However, with the resurgence of the cryptocurrency in recent times we have seen that GPU based mining has become increasingly viable once more.

Introduction of Specialised GPU Based Mining Hardware

Keeping that in mind, latest leaks seem to indicate that both AMD and Nvidia, two of the giants in the PC graphics space have sought to seize this opportunity by launching mining specialised GPUs to the market.First off we take a look at the alleged specs of the card on the green team. Nvidia is said to be launching a modified GTX 1060 and here are our best guesses as to the specs

  • 3.8 Teraflops
  • Max 120W power draw
  • No Video out ports
  • 90 day warranty

So, the specs for the red team are a little more murky as we have nothing other than a purported entry level 400 series graphics card from AMD. But here is what we expect to see

  • 2.2 Teraflops with RX 460
  • Max 75W power draw
  • No Video out ports
  • 3 Month warranty

With these cards both the GPU manufacturers will look to satiate the demands of the Bitcoin mining community especially those of enthusiast miners and reduce the artificial scarcity of these price sensitive products in the PC gaming market.

Are They Worth It?

Right now that is a very difficult question to answer as costs for ASIC units vary widely, but most units putting out around the 2-4 Teraflop, costs around the 150-400$ ball park. Now individually both these GPUs retail for 249$ and 99$ for the Nvidia and AMD cards respectively. These are however for the gaming GPUs and rumors indicate a hefty price cut on both editions for their mining variants.

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