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Does God Really Exist?


Introduction : Does God Really Exist

Hello, Friends, I am Sarang Khokhar. Welcome to my new post, In this post, I am going to present my views on Does God Really Exist ? , deities, miracles, religion and all that stuff. All readers are requested to please read my article very open-mindedly and discretion is advised.


Does God Really Exist | Sarang Khokhar

Does God Really Exist | Sarang Khokhar


Does God Really exist?

In every corner of the world, whether you find any library or school or not, you will surely find some religious place, any temple, church, mosque any religious building. And most of the people regularly visit these places, Some to send their requests to god, some to pray for family or health and some just to find inner peace of mind. Similarly, people have different views on existence and forms of god. Some people believe in god as a physical deity who exists physically somewhere, others believe god resides inside the human body or some say god exists in every atom. It’s all personal choice to believe in whatever god you want and in whatever religion you want. You can share your views in the comments section below I am open for debates and discussions.

I am writing this article to address the elephant in the room about my religious views. Am I a religious Person? What is my religion? And I think these questions should be answered as soon as possible, to prevent my future blog posts to be judged by my religious prefrences.


My personal opinion on  Does God Really Exist

I was born in a hindu family but i am an atheist, I do not believe in the existence of god. And by that, i mean “God” as defined by a majority of definitions like God has created everything? God exists everywhere? God listens to prayers ? etc. I donot believe that there exists any power which has resemblence of human characters like, Giving to those who pray, and sending messengers to convey messages etc. According to my views, “God” is just a concept, a concept created in the past , way back in history. It must be created by some wisemen to stop people commiting crimes and immoral activites. I am talking about the times when State didnt evolved and humans lived in free world with full of anarchy. In that type of world Something is needed to stop them from commiting crimes. That this was God and religion. From that this concept evolved so much that is now useless and has become reason of wars and hate. Religion Teaches love still cause hate.


Does God Really Exist | Sarang khokhar

Does God Really Exist | Sarang khokhar


You should think about it- Does God Really Exist ?

I really wanted to explain above parahgraph in greater details but as a citizen of india and other limiting factors i dont want to post more about such senstive topic publicly. You must have got an idea about my religious prefrences. In spite of having such views I respect Each and every Religion in the world, i dont promote any hate toward other people’s belief systems and traditions. The point here is to Share own views. You can also share your views in comments below, But before that i want you to think about some questions, I am posting below-


  1. Do you think extremist terrorist organisations can exist without religion ?
  2. Do you think all the money spent on religious activites is money spent on good ? When a major chunk of population lives in extreme poverty and sleeps hungry.
  3. Do you think you going to religious place with your prayer externally affects you any way


Just imagine What if we spend all the money spent on religious activities on Space research ? Surgerical advancemnets ? Medical science, Medicines, nano technology etc. There are lot of scientifc fields which can boom and grow with all that money. Think about that and comment below, Thanks. Peace.


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