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AMAZON INDIA ! E commerce company or Fraudster’s heaven ?

Hello guys, Hope you are doing great. Amazon India is doing a great business in Indian Market. But Its fraud Sellers  and underpaid customer support is becoming an obstacle in its own path. Comparing Amazon India with Amazon US,  Amazon US customer support has proved to be very friendly and helpful, While Amazon India, Instead of solving the issue they Lie to you, and ends the chat/conversation because they have no solution.

In this post I m going to share a little  experience happens with my friend majit on amazon India. So She describes it as

” I ordered a Hard disk from Amazon, It was “My Passport Ultra 3TB Portable External Hard Drive (Black/Grey)”. I was really excited for garbing the awesome deal in just 2999/- rupees. Luckily after 1-2 days Hard drive arrived, It was a normal looking amazon package and the courier guy took 2999/- rupees, But instead of a hard drive, What I received was an Plastic box, I threw away the package and the box, But after that I got to know about refund and replacement policies, So I contacted them, But all in vain. Instead the customer service was worse than product itself”

She has provided all the proofs of this, Which She like to Share with you !

Before Receiving the product, I received a message from seller/amazon of my product was on the way


  1. First day, I contacted with Amazon Representative Mr Manish A, he was a really nice guy. he listened to the problem very carefully, And issued a New product. On asking the status of the product he said it is on the way and I will get Tracking id in few hours. I was really happy with the fast service. but I didnt knew that I was totally scammed and everyone was a part of it. See this email Mr Manish sent



   2.  I was really Happy , but After waiting 24 Hours, I didn’t received any Tracking id. So I suspected that something was wrong. The next day. I recontacted amazon. This time My Mind was Blown, The amazon customer representative talked like a 16 yr old kid , Read it your self




3. This was a totally unexpected behavior, I tried several time to contact them, After that i Contacted , Here is the transcript:




Here’s a copy of the chat transcript you requested:


30 September 2017 11:24:53 AM Kurra Sai has accepted the chat.
30 September 2017 11:24:58 AM majit kaur : Hey
30 September 2017 11:25:01 AM Kurra Sai (CSA) : Hello, my name is Kurra Sai Charan. I’ll certainly try to help regarding your concern.
30 September 2017 11:25:15 AM majit kaur : Are you allowed to leave chat without solving customer’s problem?
30 September 2017 11:25:48 AM Kurra Sai (CSA) : No majit.
Unless a resolution is provided, we cannot leave a chat.
30 September 2017 11:26:07 AM majit kaur : So Previous representative did juts that
30 September 2017 11:26:15 AM majit kaur : I am very dissapointed from service
30 September 2017 11:26:25 AM majit kaur : Just*
30 September 2017 11:26:51 AM Kurra Sai (CSA) : I’m sorry to hear that majit.
I will check this for you right away.
30 September 2017 11:27:05 AM majit kaur : ok
30 September 2017 11:27:49 AM majit kaur : Please take your time and go through previous chats and emails from last 2 days
30 September 2017 11:30:55 AM Kurra Sai (CSA) : I am sorry for the delay.
Please bear with me for 2 minutes while I check this with the seller team.
30 September 2017 11:30:59 AM majit kaur : Ok
30 September 2017 11:32:10 AM majit kaur : For a side note, I work for , We have 300+ unique visitors from India, I am working on a story about Amazon and Fraud sellers, So Please send me the trasncripts of all the chats to my email.
30 September 2017 11:33:03 AM majit kaur : I have Proofs of Delivery too, You deliverd the product took 2999/- And changed the order status to cancelled, so that i cannot claim any refund !
30 September 2017 11:34:36 AM majit kaur : So Take your time, but assure me a healthy resilution, Your previous represntative talked like a 16 yr old kid ! Thats not how responsible brands behave, I hope you understand.
30 September 2017 11:34:43 AM majit kaur : Resolution*
30 September 2017 11:35:09 AM Kurra Sai (CSA) : majit, I just got this checked.
I see that there is a technical issue regarding the seller order.
The status was market as cancelled once the order was placed itself.
In this case, I request you to please send the images of the product, the invoice and the package box.
We will forward it to the seller and will get the refund issued to you.
30 September 2017 11:35:18 AM Kurra Sai (CSA) : I am sorry that you had to face this issue with this order.
30 September 2017 11:35:23 AM majit kaur : Sure
30 September 2017 11:35:26 AM majit kaur : Where to send it
30 September 2017 11:36:16 AM Kurra Sai (CSA) : Please send this to
30 September 2017 11:36:27 AM majit kaur : And One more thing, Yesterday I talked to your reprenstative mr Manish
30 September 2017 11:37:52 AM majit kaur : He Listened to the problem And Arranged me a replacement and said the product is on its way ( I have the proof), I asked him for an email saying the same. Luckily, I recieved the email, I am copy pasting it for you here, According to the email, product is on the way, Meaning it must have a tracking code, right ? I want that tracking code
30 September 2017 11:37:58 AM majit kaur : Here Is the email
30 September 2017 11:37:58 AM majit kaur : Hello,

i am from

In addition to our large selection, one of the benefits we try very hard to offer our customers is convenience. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience you experienced in this case.

As per your concern Do not worry your product will eb delivered to you.

Thank you for taking the time to contact

We want to provide service on a level our customers will remember, and it’s great to know we’ve succeeded.

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again in the near future.

Warmest regards,
Manish A
30 September 2017 11:39:46 AM majit kaur : I hope after reading the email you will not behave like previous representative !
30 September 2017 11:40:20 AM Kurra Sai (CSA) : majit, I am really sorry for this incorrect information.
As the status is mentioned as cancelled, the replacement order could not be generated.
However, please do not worry.
We will get the refund issued to you in this case once our team checks the images.
30 September 2017 11:40:37 AM majit kaur : Please justify that email
30 September 2017 11:40:50 AM majit kaur : Images are on the way
30 September 2017 11:42:57 AM Kurra Sai (CSA) : majit, usually for the incorrect product delivered or defective product etc, we have a replacement policy and the agent might have said that he would create replacement.
But as the order status was showing cancelled, the replacement could not be generated.
30 September 2017 11:43:26 AM majit kaur : I told him already that product status is cancelled
30 September 2017 11:44:47 AM Kurra Sai (CSA) : I am sorry for the mis communication majit.
A replacement order cannot be generated for this case.
I will forward this to our previous agent and will see to that the agent is coached properly regarding this.
30 September 2017 11:45:03 AM majit kaur : Ok
30 September 2017 11:46:13 AM Kurra Sai (CSA) : I apologize on the behalf of the seller and the previous agents majit.
Do allow us this chance to prove the service which we provide.
30 September 2017 11:46:31 AM majit kaur : Ok Please send transcripts
30 September 2017 11:46:41 AM majit kaur : I am sending images And i will get back after that
30 September 2017 11:47:11 AM Kurra Sai (CSA) : Sure majit.
Would there be anything else that I may assist you with today?
30 September 2017 11:47:55 AM majit kaur : No
30 September 2017 11:48:07 AM Kurra Sai (CSA) : It was a pleasure assisting you.
Thank you for contacting Amazon Customer Service.
We hope to see you again.
Have a great day ahead.



So , I had to leave it Because Only single image was available which was clicked of some stain marks on the product package, It was thrown away without clicking any pics, So A lesson was learnt.

But Still Amazon behaved very irresponsibly and didnt resolved the probelm.

Thanks a Lot Guys For Reading

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